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My birthday being around the corner from Stacy’s birthday meant us girls got to go out for dinner again. This time, my choice for dinner was Print Hall.

This is one of Perth’s multi-level dining and bar precinct that pays homage to the heritage listed Newspaper House on St Georges Terrace. Now open to the public, the venue boasts culinary and refined drinking options spearheaded by Director of Food, David Coomer with Director of Beverage and Head Sommelier, Daniel Wegener.

The building was designed by Projects of Imagination, you can see the key aspects of the historical building have been utilised including the internal atrium. Almost unfolding like a book, each level becomes a chapter, representative of the buildings printing origins creating a holistic and unique experience.

Print Hall Bar and dining room is located on the lower level on the ground floor of the building and when you walk into the place, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Perth at all. The dining room offers an Australian inspired menu focusing on the best of West Australian produce.

You’ll walked into an enormous hall where the ground floor opens up to an expansive open plan bar area that has a large circular bar in the middle of the floor and a vertical garden adding a bit of greenery to the venue. Looking up, you can see the balcony of the first floor as well as remnants of the old building – old-school light fittings and grand columns. The end result is a grand space that has an art deco flare.

The upper levels offered other dining options which were Apple Daily and Bob’s Bar which is a cool and funky rooftop bar. The dining room is simply and tastefully furnished with marble tables and on one side of the room were shelves of wine. At the far end, there’s an all important, vicarious glimpses of the kitchen.

Bob's bar

Dining room

Once we were seated, we were handed the wine menu which was massive. It was the mother load of all wine list and was as thick as a story book!

Wine list

For entrees, we decided to share a few things. One of the entrees ordered were the freshly shucked Australian oysters with champagne mignonette.

Freshly shucked Australian oysters with champagne mignonette


Mushrooms on toast was next on the menu ordered and it were a variety of mushrooms with tarragon, porcini crème and crumble. Probably the best dish out of the lot.

Mushrooms on toast

Then there was the kingfish crudo, sashimi slices of kingfish with hot mustard, dill, cucumber, apply and poppy which was definitely dish that I enjoyed.

Kingfish crudo


Last entrée was the seared king prawns with Fremantle octopus, jamon Serrano and orange which was delicious and colourfully presented on the plate.

Seared king prawns with Fremantle octopus, jamon Serrano and orange

So with our mains, a couple of us had the Cape Naturalist rib eye on the bone wood grilled. At $58, it is pretty good value. Not only do you get that gorgeous piece of steak, it also comes with a delectable baked bone marrow (with a creamy, fatty interior – yum!), mustard sauce and a parsley salad. The meat was well aged and also had a wholesome, umami flavour, accentuated further by the wood fire grill. The grill lightly smokes the meat, so the marbled beef fat tastes smoky, caramelised and just plain old amazing. Steak lovers, you won’t be disappointed with your order if the rib eye is on the menu.

Cape Naturalist rib eye

The other main ordered was the smoked ocean trout, raw oyster, shallots and pumpernickel crumb. The ocean trout gently cooked sous vide style, where the centre of the trout was soft, falling apart at its fatty seams at the mere touch of a fork. The fish was a classic pairing with the bitter, seedy pumpernickel crumble, though the salty fish skin came as a surprise. The oiliness and rawness of the fish and the oyster were made even more intense by this piece of salty fish leather.

Smoked ocean trout, raw oyster, shallots and pumpernickel crumb

To go with our mains, we ordered a side of their creamy, velvety potato mash that just melted away in our mouths.

Creamy mash

We always left room for desert and so we ordered a couple to share. Recommended by the wait person, we went with Lemon Spilled and Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant. Lemon spilled was a sort of a deconstructed lemon meringue. It was beautifully presented, with bits of meringue, ruby grapefruit sorbet and almond crumble. Very refreshing and a lovely palate cleanser too.

Lemon spilled

How could you go with a chocolate fondant? You can’t and it was rather decadent! Gooey chocolate fondant served with hazelnuts and vanilla bean ice cream was definitely another winner. What a wonderful way to end the night.

Chocolate fondant, hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream

The service was impeccable, and it will definitely be a place I would love to take John back for him to experience. Thank you girls for celebrating another birthday with me. We get to do it again soon for Mei’s birthday.

On the whole, 9 for food quality, 8 for atmosphere and 9 for service.

Print Hall Bar & Dining Room

125 St Georges Tce


Tel: 08 6282 0000

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 11.30am – 12pm

Saturday 4pm – 12pm

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