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One of long awaited date nights and also celebrating my birthday, we had this place booked a while ago and the anticipation was killing me. Finally the day is here and Bistro Guillaume did not disappoint at all.

With the former Burswood/Intercontinental being moulded by James Packer into a complex worthy of the “Crown” name went a little (or a lot) further with the opening of Guillaume Brahimi’s Bistro Guillaume and joining the plethora of high quality dining establishments residing at Crown Perth.

Bistro Guillaume Perth is a sister restaurant to the upmarket Sydney Morning Herald two hat awarded Guillaume at Bennelong at Sydney Opera House, and the on par Bistro Guillaume at Crown Melbourne. Things are definitely on the onwards and upwards for foodies living here in Perth.

Entering Bistro Guillaume brought a smile to my face for feeling like I had stepped clearly away from the usual Perth dining scene.  I love its classy modern feel with the French provincial surroundings – black, white and green tones with French architecture lines.  The seating consists of some larger booths, modern table seating, as well as an outdoor section that overlooks the newly renovated pool area which is beautiful at this time of the year.

Completing the French experience, a good portion of the wait staff had French accents who were attentive, well-mannered and helpful. We were ushered to our seat with a full view of the beautiful Crown pools. We started with a couple of alcoholic beverages while we studied the menu for our dining choices.

Bistro Guillaume

Dining area

Bistro Guillaume menu

One of our entrees was the in-house smoked salmon with dill cream and toasted brioche. The thin slices of salmon had a subtle hint of smokiness, mix that with a really light dill cream and crunchy toasted brioche and you have one beautiful combination. You pretty much have to eat it all in one go.

In-house smoked salmon with dill cream and toasted brioche

There was also the whole marron with avocado cream, tomatoes, croutons and cos lettuce which was such a refreshing dish! The tender poached marron is sliced into thick meaty chunks, with crisp vegetables and croutons arranged on a thick splodge of velvety avocado cream. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night.

Whole marron with avocado cream, tomatoes, croutons and cos lettuce

We also shared half a dozen of freshly shucked oysters with shallot and red wine vinegar. There was a mix of Plump Pacific and Sydney rock oysters which were very fresh.

Freshly shucked oysters with shallot and red wine vinegar

Both of us weren’t very impressed with one of our mains, it was veal sweetbreads with a fricassee of mushroom and truffle. It was a pretty big portion and even the sweetbreads were rather sizable too. Hence, they just overpowered this dish, taking away the lovely flavours of the mushrooms and truffle.

Veal sweetbreads with a fricassee of mushroom and truffle

Veal sweetbreads with a fricassee of mushroom and truffle 1

Our second main was the venison tenderloins with beetroot, parsnip and horseradish. I thought I would try something different and order the venison seeing it was from Margaret River and supporting our local famers. The rich nearly berry-like flavours of the venison melted beautifully into the beetroot sauce and this really was a match made in heaven. I definitely wasn’t disappointed at all.

Venison tenderloins with beetroot, parsnip and horseradish

Venison tenderloins with beetroot, parsnip and horseradish 1

Along with our mains, we had the crispy confit of potatoes, bacon, garlic and parsley. The quartered potatoes were deliciously yummy, loaded with lots of flavour from the crispy bacon and garlic! It was definitely a perfect side with any mains.

Crispy confit of potatoes, bacon, garlic and parsley

John was very sweet and mentioned to the staff it was my birthday and so when we ordered the chocolate soufflé, it came with a birthday message. The soufflé was served in a very hot mini copper pot. It was light and fluffy and comes with a serve of pistachio ice cream. I thought the souffle was a little eggy for my liking and preferred the ice cream instead.

Chocolate soufflé with pistachio ice cream

It could well be the choice of food today that let Bistro Guillaume down a little but the second that I went back with the girls and had something different, the food was fantastic.  It is a place to impress with a date or enjoy the evening with great friends. Guillaume’s restaurants earn hats for a reason. His gorgeous food, combined with the European bistro atmosphere and attentive service, are an experience.

On the whole, 7 for food quality, 7 for pricing ($180 for meal), 9 for atmosphere and 9 for service.

Bistro Guillaume

Crown Perth

Great Eastern Highway


Tel: 08 9362 7551

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