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Mr Munchies Sushi is one of the newest japanese joints to pop in Mount Lawley food scene. If you travel through the arcade that divides G’rilled and Gelare, you’ll find a funky looking little sushi bar that is so small it will only fit around 30 people.

It’s not your average prepacked plastic takeaway container or sushi train kind of place, the difference here is they make the sushi fresh as one orders and you can also pick what you would like in it.

Mr Munchies Sushi has been compared as the Japanese version of Subway and it is the first in Australia to have this concept of offering their customers to customise their own and build it from scratch.

How it works is that you choose your base – chicken, beef, pork, salmon, tuna, other seafood, or vegetarian (there are about 16 options!). Then add your stuffing, like cucumber, carrot, radish, tofu, bacon etc. Next select fancy toppings such as black sesame, garlic chips or Tobikko and finally pick from one of their Japanese sauces.

Your sushi is literally made fresh, right before your eyes. In the back kitchen you can see a chef grilling cuts of juicy meats, which are brought out steaming and laid down on the neat rows of rice and nori, ready to be rolled.

The vibe in this place is super cool and fun with its vibrant colourful chairs, chalkboard menu and a manga cityscape mural complete with Astro Boy and Godzilla, it somehow takes you away from being in Perth and takes you to funky and cool Tokyo.


For us, it was a little confusing especially trying to decide what we wanted in our sushi so we went with their ingenious sushi combos suggested on the menu. Again, every time John & I head out, our eyes are always bigger than our bellies and over order. I must warn though that the rolls are extremely massive, don’t go overboard with your order. There is the option to choose between a smaller serve of 4 pieces or the large serve of 8 pieces.

The rolls that we were ordered were Pork Katsu Kilpatrick (pork katsu, bacon, grilled cheese topped with BBQ and mustard sauce), Crunchy Chicken (chicken katsu, iceberg lettuce, potato salad topped with chilli mayo and fried shallots), Crunchy Spider (deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce, cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and shallots), Surf & Turf roll (grilled steak rolled with steamed prawn and snow pea sprout, topped with garlic chips and chilli flakes topped with sweet onion sauce) and Mexican Roll (grilled beef tenderloin, avocado, cheese, roasted capsicum topped with wasabi aioli and tomato salsa.

Our favourite were the Pork Katsu and Crunchy Chicken. The flavours of both rolls worked great with each other and we loved the crunch from both the pork and chicken katsu.



The Mexican roll was interesting, a little Mexican infusion and it didn’t taste all that bad. Again the same goes for the surf and turf roll, it could have gone very wrong but it was passable.



Our least favourite was the crunchy spider roll as the soft shell crab was a little undercooked and felt a little slimy in the mouth.


We had a little room left for their desert which I just had to try, it was crème caramel with black sesame ice cream. It was so decadent and I loved it so much. I wished I had room for another!


The waitpersons were very attentive and even asked for feedback when we paid. Since it’s opening, I’ve been back a few times and the standard has been the same every time.

On the whole, 8 for food quality, 8 for pricing (total cost $57), 8 for atmosphere and 8 ½ for service.

Mr Munchies Sushi

Shop 4, 669 Beaufort St
Mt Lawley

Tel: 9271 8409

Opening hours: 7 days 11am – 9pm

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