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We all know that Sayers in Leederville is an institution and is one of those places that everyone has to try. So when I heard that their sister café would be opening in Northbridge, it was definitely a must to give it a go.

Sayers Sisters is tucked away at the edge of Northbridge and a stone’s throw away from Tarts and Nine Fine Food.

The decor is much brighter than Sayers, with exposed brick and whitewash coating the walls. There’s a long breakfast table going down the middle of the eatery, with different groups of people perched high and munching away while staring at the spreads of cakes and chocolates on display.

It’s decorated beautifully and has a modernly urban feel to the space. The quiet yet central location means there is plenty of nearby street parking, and a relaxing al fresco area not ruined by bustling traffic.



Being a Wednesday when Audrey & I met for lunch, it was rather busy but we managed to find ourselves on a outdoor table. We decided to share a couple of dishes so we get a taste of what they have to offer. I must point out that when ordering, they only accept cash, no eftpos or credit facilities at all although there is an ATM machine at the back of the café should you need one.

Their steak sandwich was one of our orders, it was an open steak sandwich with grilled tomatoes, blue cheese, greens on toasted ciabatta. Before I go on about the dish, I like to mention that we were a little disappointed with the service we received while ordering. As Audrey was pregnant at the time, we requested that the steak was cooked to well done and omit the blue cheese from the dish. We were told, rather abruptly that we were not allowed to make any changes on the dish by a passing staff while we were at the counter, not by the staff that was taking our order. Surely they could tell that Audrey was pregnant and we weren’t making changes because we didn’t like an ingredient on the dish. The lady who took our order looked rather embarrassed by the rude outburst of her colleague that she did make an effort to ask the chef to accommodate our request which he did.

The dish was made to our request. They had omitted the blue cheese and drizzled aged balsamic vinegar over the steak to give the sweet flavour it needed.


We also ordered the Thai chicken salad which was rather yummy. Slices of chicken breast grilled with a Thai peanut sauce served with pumpkin, sugar snap peas and crispy noodles and tossed in more peanut sauce.



I just felt that the dishes were chunky, clumsy and lacked the delicateness of the dishes that Sayer Leederville produces. Hopefully, the front of house staff can be more sensitive to their diner’s requests in regards to changing the dish if they have a valid reason for doing so like medical and allergies.

On the whole, 7 ½ for food quality, 8 for atmosphere and 5 for service.

Sayers Sister
236 Lake Street
Tel: 9227 7506

Trading Hours
Monday to Saturday: Breakfast – 7am to 11:30am; Lunch – 11:30am to 2:30pm (5pm close)
Sunday: Breakfast – 7am to 2pm; Lunch – 11:30am to 3pm (5pm close)

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