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Everybody has been raving out this new place and it was time for us to check it out. I have been told it gets crazily busy on the weekends with lines down the road. Good thing for us it was a Tuesday and we managed to bag a table.

The Tuck Shop Cafe, often with lines on the weekend rivaling the well-known-in-Northridge Dim Sum restaurants, is very popular with the breakfast and lunch crowd and known for serving excellent coffee and great all-day food.

Once you get in you’re greeted by some friendly service – polite and helpful.  Once you get a table you’ll find yourself in a modern and inviting environment where the seating is quite cosy but comfortable.




Keen to get our order on, we had a dish each and shared their hand cut chips with aioli. The chips were a little thicker cut and deep fried to crispy golden perfection. They go perfectly with the homemade aioli.


The Tuck Shop is well known for their homemade pies and everyone raves about them so we couldn’t leave the place without ordering their beef, bacon and cheddar pie on a bed a mushy peas. To put it simply, it was ok, nothing much to rave about. The pastry was crisp and flaky but there wasn’t enough filling. The mushy peas lacked flavour so it was a little disappointing.


My order was the Tuck shop’s version of bangers and mash. One large grilled pork sausage which was pretty yummy on a bed of creamy mash potatoes and green peas and also topped with a couple of onion rings.


So, food is not all perfect, but I’m happy to give it another go and try the other items on their menu. The service was fantastic and is family friendly with high chairs provided if needed. But give them a go on weekdays unless you’re happy to wait on the weekends. The meal came up to around $60 along with a couple of beverages to accompany our meal.

On the whole, 7 for food quality, 7 for pricing, 8 for atmosphere and 8 for service.

The Tuck Shop Café

178 Newcastle St


Tel: 08 9227 1659

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 7am – 4pm

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