Lapa Brazilian Restaurant

Lapa Brazilian Barbeque


Out to dinner with the crew to celebrate John’s birthday, we headed to Lapa for rodizio! Lapa is one of two Brazilian barbeque restaurants that have opened in Perth.

Named after a famous neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, Lapa restaurant in Subiaco is a churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse.

Subiaco’s Lapa Brazilian Barbecue is run by Chef Fabio, the youngest in the family which previously ran a 60-year-old churrascaria back in Brazil.

As you walk into the restaurant, you are confronted with a clear screen separating the bar and the kitchen where the meat and pineapples glisten and get charry as they turn in the rodizio (rotisserie). This will get your tummy juices going and your mouth salivating.

We’ve had “Rodizio” for the first time in Vancouver when our friend, Patrick took us and it was amazing. “Rodizio” translates to an endless feast which is exactly what this was.

The way the Rodizio works is that the waiters bring out barbequeued meats on skewers, which are then served around the restaurant. On the side, you are able to order a variety of accompaniments like the cheese bread and salads as well as rice.

For $49 person, you will be guaranteed full when you leave at the end of your meal. An epic dining experience which features sixteen cuts of meat presented and carved at your table. A coaster is located on your table where one side is green for “give me for meat” and the other side is red which is for “I’m waving the white flag and had enough”.

There were plenty of sides to have like cheesy bread, garden salad, potato salad, condiments of tomato salsa, chimichurri sauce, hot gravy and farofa which is roasted cassava flour and breadcrumbs with bacon. Other sides available are beans, fries, cinnamon-rubbed roast pineapple and even the freshly made lasagna was delicious!

Then the onslaught of meat begins. We sampled beef rump, scotch fillet, Brazilian pork sausages (extremely meaty), pork belly rib (one of my favourites), pork scotch fillet, lamb rump, chicken wings (dangerously morish), chicken parmesan and chicken hearts (Simone’s favourite). Our plate of bones and discarded bits is removed and replaced with an empty one multiple times throughout the meal.

The costela, or beef rib (not to be mistaken for bananinha, or beef rib fingers) makes a grand entrance, pushed around the restaurant on a trolley like meat royalty and carved table-side.

For the price, it was well worth it! There is an ala carte menu should you wish to give that a go. Also the cost for the feast is $65 on Sundays. We were full and finished off the night with a cake made by Simone for John. Happy Birthday babe! Hope you had a wonderful day.

On the whole, 8 for food quality, 8 for atmosphere, 9 for pricing and 8 for service.

Lapa Brazilian Restaurant

375 Hay St


Tel: 9381 1323

Opening Hours: Open for lunch Thursday to Sunday

Dinner 7 nights

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