Aisuru Sushi

Aisuru Sushi


Another Japanese review but totally different from the review that I gave Sake Bar Restaurant.

In Japanese, the word aisuru means “to love” but I’m not sure if it’s a fitting name for Perth’s newest restaurant Aisuru Sushi.

Perched on the prominent corner of William and James streets in Northbridge, the white walls and minimal décor does give it a rather casual and friendly atmosphere.

Aisuru Sushi has lovingly created a collection of innovative and abundant dishes which I assume was going to be a enjoyable experience.

The theatrics of the chefs making the sushi was enjoyable where patrons were mesmerised by the non-stop sushi rolling, slicing, garnishing and blow-torching. The wait staff were eager to serve and take orders on their ipads.

First dish on our order was the salmon sashimi which were a measly 5 sliced pieces of salmon sashimi. They were fresh but lack the elegance of Japanese presentation. They were placed on a white plate along with a dollop of wasabi and pickled ginger.

Being a sushi restaurant, we couldn’t leave without trying their sushi and with their rolls, you can actually either order a whole roll or half a roll. We ordered a whole Dynamite roll which was finely sliced tuna sashimi mixed with spicy sauce and wrapped with nori and shari (sushi rice) then topped with more hot sauce and torched. To be honest, it wasn’t very pleasant. We didn’t like the burnt rice taste in our mouth from the blow torching of the rice. The hot sauce was more like a spicy mayonnaise sauce and it wasn’t a tad spicy at all.

We then tried half a roll of salmon and avocado roll which was salmon, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise then wrapped with nori and shari and drizzled with unagi eel sauce. It tasted better than the Dynamite roll. The presentation looked more enticing with the beautiful colours of the avocado and flying fish roe.

The black velvet roll was one not to pass up and it was tempura prawns, seared tuna, cucumber, crab stick and spring onions wrapped with nori and shari topped with avocado and black caviar. It is then drizzled with chilli mayonnaise. This was probably my favourite and I loved the flavours from the tempura prawns and seared tuna rolled with avocado and the crunchiness and the tiny pops of saltiness from the black caviar.

My least favourite dish the grilled scallop and avocado roll which was meant to be avocado and crab stick wrapped with nori and shari and topped with seared scallops and drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise which was missing and that’s probably why the sushi felt so dry. Again that burnt rice taste without the Japanese mayonnaise made it taste even worse!

We decided to also try some of the cooked dishes and ordered the creamy popcorn shrimp. There were 5 tempura prawns served with tentsuyu sauce. The prawns used were probably frozen cooked prawns as they didn’t taste fresh. They are described on the menu as “crispy”, but the coating of creamy chilli mayo has rendered the batter quite soggy.

We had to also try the soft shell crab salad. Lightly battered and fried soft shell crab laid over a mixed mesclun salad with Aisuru mayonnaise dressing. It was not one of the best soft shell crab that we had ever tried. It was pretty plain actually. The batter was light but didn’t have any flavouring at all. The salad needed more dressing and made the whole dish boring to say the least! I wasn’t a fan of this dish at all!

What a disappointing dining experience! With the extensive menu, my expectations were pretty high especially having such a good experience at Sake Bar Restaurant. The meal came up to over $110 which I thought was rather expensive with the lack of food quality and also the simplistic presentation. I doubt we’ll ever be back there again.

On the whole, 4 for food quality, 5 for atmosphere, 3 for pricing and 5 for service.

Aisuru Sushi

208 William St


Tel: 9328 8578

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