The Aviary

The Aviary


After my scan and walking around in the city, we were starting to get a little peckish. We decided to check out newly opened The Aviary.

Perth’s restaurant and bar scene has now been elevated with the launch of The Aviary, a sophisticated two-storey urban hospitality venue and home to Perth’s largest rooftop bar, The Nest officially opened on November 9 2011.

The Aviary is located above the Perth Underground train station, The Aviary is a unique function venue spanning across two levels with floor to ceiling glass windows and an open-air roof top bar.

The Aviary can cater for a variety of functions, starting from an intimate cocktail party for 30 guests or for a larger function of up to 600 guests split over the two levels.

The Aviary is a sophisticated urban playground for Perth’s social and business crowds, where one can unwind after work or on the weekend.

The Publican Group has created a venue with unique design features including aviaries framing the entrance, one-off custom-made hummingbird carpet and custom designed wallpaper that is both contemporary and stylish.

The Aviary boasts two levels. The first, named ‘The Birdcage’ is a loungey bar and restaurant with fancy décor, and heaps of floor space.

We stopped to have lunch and a drink at The Nest, which boasts a bowling green, trees, Astroturf and decking, and takes full advantage of Perth’s glorious weather.

We managed to score a seat overlooking Murray St Mall. Orders for lunch had to be taken at the bar so off John went to put in our orders. I shall start with noting that the service that John got at the bar was appalling! He stood there for at least 10 minutes waiting for someone to even acknowledge him while the bar staff were behind the bar chit chatting amongst themselves.

The lady that served him apparently wasn’t taught any manners when growing up and was rather rude to him. She took ages to make my mocktail that John had finished his pint of beer and had to order another one!

The waygu burger with house made pickles, cheddar and onion rings was my lunch order which was pretty ordinary. Cold chips and two pathetic onion rings!

John ordered the Black Angus sandwich with cheddar, beetroot chutney, fries and onions rings. Again another plain and ordinary steak sandwich with cold chips but this time with only one onion ring!

Our meals took about nearly half an hour to be served as we watched plates of food walking out of the kitchen to other tables and the place wasn’t even packed.

Being a new venue, I would have liked the staff to be more attentive otherwise The Aviary will be building a rather bad reputation for themselves. It looks like a great after work place to hang out, lets hope they get their act together!

On the whole, 5 for food quality, 5 ½ for atmosphere, 5 for pricing and 3 for service.

The Aviary

Level 1, 140 William St


Tel: 9226 0259

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