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Modo mio


How time files when you’re having fun. Stacy’s birthday has come around again quickly from our celebrations at Cantina last year. This year, we wanted to try Modo Mio and celebrate a bestie’s birthday.

Modo Mio (meaning ‘my way’) is one of a series of premium 5-star venues now residing in the plush Burswood Entertainment Complex, among them Neil Perry’s Rockpool and (A)Lure.

Only two months old, Burswood’s new baby has brought a bit of Italy to Riverside Entrance. Open for lunch and dinner, any day you like, it’s the solution to a date night dilemma, that or a mid-week craving for handmade wood-fire pizza (be it a classic margherita or seafood laden al frutti di mare).

Chef Giampaolo Maffini pleases Perth palates, putting a modern twist on authentic Italian fare using secret family recipes. And no wonder, hailing from Milan where he worked in the two-Michelin star Gualtiero Marchesi, he’s worked all over from Japan to Hong Kong.

Arrive to notice a rustic Italian-style design aesthetic. Singapore based architect Miachael Fiebrich (also busy with the complex’s next installment) gives the place a contemporary edge, adding mosaic-tiled walls and white and clear glass to a dining room lit with Italian style blown glass chandeliers.

On arrival, we were greeted with complementary glass of champagne to kick off our celebrations.  The menu is laden with fresh pasta, homemade sauces and wood fired pizzas. For wine enthusiasts there will be an extensive selection of Italian wines to pair with their favourite dish.

We decided to start with some garlic bread which is not your traditional garlic bread, they are almost like a choux pastry puff filled with a garlicy and cheesy dough. We were also treated to complementary warm roll with olive oil & balsamic.

We opted with a couple of pizzas and pastas to share as we wanted to try a bit of everything. Diavola pizza was one of our choices made with spicy chorizo, olives, marinated red bell peppers, anchovy, tomato and mozzarella. The thin base pizzas were perfectly cooked and the flavours were fantastic. As simple as the ingredients might seem, it actually is really delicious.  The pizza ingredients were tasty and not overly salty. It was well balanced.

Our second pizza was pizza ai gamberi with garlic prawns, sundried tomato and mozzarella. Again simplicity was at its best.  The pizza was delicious with the crust cooked till perfect, garlicy prawns along with the cheese and tomato sweetness were just spot on.

We ordered linguini ai gamberi which was linguini pasta with prawns, brandy, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic & chilli. The linguini was cooked to al dente and loved the flavours of the brandy, sweetness from the huge size prawns and cherry tomatoes and the subtle hint of heat from the chilli.

We couldn’t go past without ordering the spaghetti carbonara with bacon, cream, pecorino & parmesan. It was kinda sticky from the cream, pecorino & parmesan but the flavours were delicious.

We definitely had some room for desert so we ordered a couple to share. The restaurant also provided us with a complementary chocolate birthday cake as well. We were spoilt rotten! The chocolate cake was so decadent, think of it as a caramel slice but a creamy and velvety chocolate centre.

The trio of homemade gelato, classic flavours of pistachio, vanilla and chocolate was one of our orders. The flavours were subtle and creamy but they were a little melted for our liking.

We had to order the chocolate fondant with an oozy chocolate centre and a soft sponge pudding outer. It is served with a side of whipped cream and again melted vanilla gelato which was a little disappointing.

We had such a good time catching up and enjoyed the food thoroughly. The service was attentive and we were well taken care of. The bill came up to $150 which I thought was pretty good value. Happy birthday Stacy, another year of celebrating with a beautiful bestie!

On the whole, 8 for food quality, 8 ½ for atmosphere, 8 ½ for pricing and 8 for service.

Modo Mio

Buswood Entertainment Complex

Great Eastern Highway

Buswood WA

Tel: 9362 7551

Opening hours:

Open daily for lunch and dinner

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2 Responses to Modo Mio

  1. Mans says:

    Lovely dinner with your bestfriend. :)
    I love this restaurant. It isn’t the best italian but it ticks all the necessary boxes for a good dining experience. The decor is lovely and elegant apart from the somewhat low ceiling (but that’s probably just me!) service is always friendly and attentive. Most importantly food is good.

    Haven’t tried the gamberi pasta, it sounds amazing though. Must try it next time.

    Have a lovely Christmas with lots of love, fun and amazing food. Lots of food. :)

    • maydayforfood says:

      You’re right. The place does tick all the necessary boxes. We’ve been back again and it was consistent.

      Thanks and hope you have had a lovely Christmas too. :)

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