Little Saigon Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Little Saigon


This has become a true favourite amongst the Mt Lawley/Highgate crowd is the Vietnamese eatery Little Saigon.

Locals keep coming back for their fresh and tasty dishes and on any given night you’ll see a ton of people stopping in to pick up a take-away too.

Their convenient location near the Queens Tavern and their serving dinner until 10pm means that you can stop in for a bite after working up an appetite at the pub.

Alternatively, enjoy their BYO licence by picking up a bottle of your favourite wine or beer from the gallon licence across the road.

The staff are consistently hospitable and the no fuss décor makes you feel right at home.

The last couple of times that we’ve been there the food have been great and consistent. This time around I was rather disappointed.

Dining with Nic and Huiling, we decided to order a few dishes and share. One of which was the authentic Vietnamese hot & sour soup with prawns and assorted vegetables. The broth was light with a hint of sweet, soup and heat from the chilli and loaded with fresh vegetables and prawns.

One entree that’s a favourite at most Vietnamese restaurants is the stuffed chicken wings. The chicken wings have been deboned and stuffed with minced pork and assorted vegetables then deep fried until golden brown and accompanied with nuoc cham. Nuoc cham is a common dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lime, vinegar, sugar and chilli.

We also ordered the soft shell crab which was basically a little boring to say. It was just deep fried with not much of a batter which lacked seasoning and served with nuoc cham.

Their lemongrass pork was delightful the last time but this time it was terrible. The pork slices were dry and tough. It lacked taste and was meant to be marinated with lemongrass and curry spices.

One of the highlights was their anchovy chicken which was bite size chicken pieces marinated in an anchovy based batter then deep fried until golden brown. It was the tastiest dish of the night, filled with flavour and cooked to perfection.

The salt and pepper squid was another disappointment. It was so oily! The squid pieces coated with a salt & pepper batter had been overcooked and tough!

Even the simple dishes like the stir fry vegetables were a little over done.The vegetables were a little mushy for my likely and overloaded to too much sauce.

The stir fry beef with vegetables was nothing to rave about which tasted like the stir fry vegetables but they just added beef slices.

The service was prompt but I doubt I’ll be back in a hurry to have another meal there again. It is such a shame as I had expectations that the food quality would be consistent but I was disappointed. I’m also certain that the place has changed hands too.

On the whole, 5 for food quality, 6 for atmosphere, and 6 for service.

Little Saigon Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

489 Beaufort St


Tel: 08 9227 5586

Opening Hours:

Dinner daily from 6pm – 10pm

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