Written on Tea

Written on Tea


We spent the morning sleeping in and when we awoke, we decided to spend the day in Hobart city checking out Mount Wellington, the city and some of the beaches too.

With lunch upon us, I checked out the suggestions that Gourmet Traveller 2012 guide had to offer and decided to try something Asian.

Written on Tea has generous servings of rustic, authentically flavoured, food at amazingly low prices set this little Asian eatery among the best and best-value ethnic restaurants in Sandy Bay.

Rebecca and Patrick Ling are from Nanjing in China where Patrick trained as a chef. This is their third restaurant venture in the city and, along the way, they seem to have learnt the lesson so many of Australia’s ethnic restaurants fail to take on board – that an increasingly sophisticated and well-travelled public wants to experience authentic flavours and ingredients rather than dishes that are dumped down to cater to perceived Western tastes.

Here, in a commendably short menu (for an Asian eatery), the Lings deliver the unpretentious, rustic food and true flavours of their home region of Nanjing in equally unpretentious surrounds and at prices that make it some of the best value eating in town.

A recommendation from Gourmet Traveller was to try their pan-fried dumplings which we had to order and they were silky, delicate and filled with pork mince and cabbage and also packed lots of flavour.

We also ordered the spring onions pancake which was doughy rice cake mixed with thinly sliced spring onions then flatten and pan fried till golden. Yummy!

My favourite was the pork and preserved vegetables egg noodle soup. The soup was thick and flavoursome. Most of those flavours were from the tender pork slices and preserved vegetables. It reminds me of something that my mum would cook at home.

I must make mention of their chilli oil, it was excellent. It was made of chopped dried chilli, garlic bits then preserved in oil and season with salt which went well with all the dishes we ordered.

The meal came up to around $40 which is such good value especially with the yummy food we just had. Service was prompt and the waitpersons were polite. This little eatery’s interior is plain and simplistic but the food sure makes up for it.

On the whole, 8 for food quality, 6 ½ for atmosphere, 8 ½ for pricing and 8 for service.

Written on Tea

Mayfair Building

Unit 6, 2368 Sandy Bay Road

Sandy Bay, Hobart

Tel: 03 6223 3298

Opening Hours:

Lunch and dinner daily

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