Ball & Chain Grill

Ball & Chain Grill


After a long day of visiting Port Arthur and its surroundings, we decided to stay around Salamanca for dinner. Not far from our apartment and recommended by my niece was Ball & Chain Grill.

The Ball & Chain Restaurant is situated in the heart of historic Salamanca Place, known for emblematic rows of sandstone buildings now converted into a hub of culinary culture.

A trip down the cobblestone road reveals the welcome sight of their traditional burgandy awning. Upon arrival a delicious medley of menu items await and there on site is a glorious wine bar which boasts a wide choice of varietals in a reasonable price range, many of which are from Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Ball and Chain’s high beamed ceilings and rough stone walls create the perfect backdrop for the sizzling grill, which is in clear view from the front bar and produces some mouth-watering aromas.

There’s only one excuse you need to visit this friendly, bustling grill – the steak. Cooked over a flaming chargrill to your specification, it’s the specialty of the house.

Before you tuck into your beef, take a look at the wine list; they have a very good cellar with a selection of older wines.

We were also able to tuck into the salad bar which had an assortment of freshly made salads, pasta salads and sauces as well.

We kicked off with some entrees and being in Hobart, I really wanted some oysters. Seeing that I couldn’t have any freshly shucked ones, I settled for Kilpatrick oysters which were plump and fresh. They were topped with chopped bacon, Worcestershire sauce, lemons and cooked until bacon was crispy.

John ordered the Wallaby sausages that were fresh Tasmanian wallaby combined with pork fat, mace, a touch of garlic and served with a forestiere sauce. John thought it was good but I thought it was a bit too gamey for my liking plus I felt sorry for the wallaby.

For mains, John ordered the porterhouse steak cooked traditionally with charcoals medium size (you have 3 options, small, medium and large) with a serve of roasted potatoes and topped with hot sauce.  The steak was cooked to medium when John had asked for medium rare. I think they got our ordered mixed up as I asked for mine to be cooked medium. The sauce was pretty average. It tasted like a mixture of tomato sauce mixed with tabasco.

My order was much better tasting that John’s. I ordered the scotch fillet rolled in crushed peppercorns then chargrilled and topped with pepper sauce. Apart from being a little undercooked as I wanted the steak cooked to medium, I love the crushed peppercorns on the steak and lovely thick creamy pepper sauce.

We didn’t stay for deserts as our tummies were filled. The service was prompt and dinner came up to appoximately $120 including a couple glasses of wine for John and juice for me (a little pricy if you asked me). Bear in mind, Ball & Chain Grill does not take any bookings but if you’re there early you’ll be able to score a table if not, take a seat at the bar and having a few pre-dinner drinks.

On the whole, 7 for food quality, 6 ½ for atmosphere, 6 ½ for pricing and 7 for service.

Ball & Chain Grill

87 Salamance Place


Tel: 03 6223 2655

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 12-2pm, Mon-Fri.

Dinner: 5.30-10pm, 7 days.

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