Jam Jar Lounge

Jam Jar Lounge


This little café was a recommendation by my niece and was it the best recommendation ever. We woke up early and before heading to Port Arthur, we had breakfast at Jam Jar which was only up the road from Salalmanca.

The inside of Jam Jar is old world with comfy leather arm chairs, old books, old piano and rustic wooden furniture and it takes you to another era.

The barista even wears a train driver style cap and electro swing was playing throughout the cafe. There is an outdoor area as well which would be nice in summer, but it does back onto the road – so it’s not the nicest view.

From the outside of the café, you can actually watch the chefs at work and they bake all their bread on-site. Inside was already filled with people busily eating their breakfast and ordering takeaway coffee.

We scored a table inside and love the atmosphere of Jam Jar. The breakfast menu was written on a chalk board wall. We started with a hot chocolate for me and a coffee for John. It was one of the best hot chocolate I had ever had. It was so creamy and chocolaty. John commented that his coffee was the best coffee he’s ever had in Australia.

I decided on their French toast with with stewed bananas and maple syrup. That French toast was amazing. As they made their bread in-house, it was pale ale beer bread and probably the thickest slice I had ever seen. It was so dense but yet fluffy and cooked till it was beautifully caramelised. I loved the thick caramel that they swirled on the wooden plate, it was deliciously decadent! It also came with a side of maple syrup too! I loved it.

John’s breakfast order was corn bread with poached eggs, bacon and spinach. That corn bread was the best! It was so light and fluffy, we’ve had corn bread since and nothing compares with Jam Jar’s. Beautifully poached eggs sit on top of the corn bread and topped with the creamiest hollandaise sauce and served with a side of crisp bacon and fresh spinach.

Now that was one of the best breakfasts ever! The service was spot on and the atmosphere was great! Staff was friendly and so were the patrons. Our breakfast cost us $40 but it was well worth every bite of it.  It is a must if you’re visiting Hobart, you won’t be disappointed. What a wonderful way to start the morning and head down to Port Arthur and enjoy the history before us.

On the whole, 10 for food quality, 10 for atmosphere, 9 ½ for pricing and 9 ½ for service.

Jam Jar Lounge

45 Hampden Road

Battery Point, Hobart

Tel: (03) 6224 1447


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