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Another birthday and another dinner to celebrate. James’ birthday had just passed so the crew headed out to P’tite Ardoise. I was pretty excited about checking out P’tite Ardoise and having a French bistro just down from our neighbourhood.

P’tite Ardoise is located in the same spot where Beaufort St Steakhouse used to be and to be quite honest, I must prefer the food when it was Beaufort St Steakhouse. This new bistro still caters to the carnivores out there, serving up a range of bistro classics including filet mignon and steak avec pomme sautees aux herbes (steak with sauteed herb potatoes).

Based on the charming traditional bistros of France – with yellow and red colour scheme (I’m not sold on the mustard colour though), umbrella and hat stands and green potted plants – P’tite Ardoise (meaning little blackboard) brings a French flair to the Beaufort St scene.

The little eatery, is the first restaurant for long-time Normandy-born chef and family man Xavier Pique, former head chef of Origins, Pan Pacific Perth Hotel. He spent eight years looking for an ideal site, settling on the Highgate locale near Brisbane Street, formerly the Beaufort Street Steakhouse.

The menu and certain plates are blackboard-themed and customers can leave comments on little pieces of paper shaped as blackboards. We didn’t have the option to leave our comments, maybe they figured that we wouldn’t leave good comments on it.

Very much a family business, Pique is joined by wife Valerie (front of house) and his two sons – Kevin (16) works the till and Cameron (12) clears tables.

We all agreed on entrée and main each and we started with some warm bread and butter. If they have the option of cheese bread, get it. It was delicious. I started out with some rye bread but they brought out the cheese bread later and I couldn’t get enough of it.

There are two options with their menus, Les Classiques where the classic dishes are featured on this menu or Menu du Juor where du Juor is a French term means for the day and it features dishes of the day.

For entrees, there were some orders of the sautéed garlic prawns on vegetable brandade with parsley butter sauce. The prawns were simply overcooked. It was chewy and a little cold for my liking. But the parsley butter sauce was great, creamy with great flavours but again slightly on the cold side.

Gabby ordered their soup of the day which was like a French minestrone soup. It was cooked in a clear broth with loads of beautifully chopped fresh vegetables. Comments on it were it was delicious and light.

Simone’s entrée was the seared scallops and pork trotter medallion on a celeiac puree which looked amazing. The scallops were cooked perfectly and you wouldn’t think the medallion was made of pork trotters.

For mains, most of us ordered their char grilled 350grams sirloin steak with herb sautéed potatoes, red wine jus and bearnaise. There was the option of Rangers Valley Black Angus 300day grainfed or MSA graded. Let’s just say, it was nothing special. The steaks weren’t tender and were nothing to rave about and it goes the same for the herb sautéed potatoes which were slightly cold as well. The sauce felt like it had been sitting in the pot for awhile and started to thicken. The steaks were of much better quality and cooked when it was Beaufort St Steakhouse.

A couple of the boys ordered the casserole of the day which was slow cooked lamb shanks with vegetables in red wine gravy. The presentation was better than what it tasted, it was served in individual cast iron pots. It was slightly amateur, flavours were not developed enough and probably needed more time to cook.  I think most people could do a better job at home.

I must apologise for the photos, they had dimmed the lights and it was rather difficult to get good photos. The service was pretty satisfactory and the meal cost about $45 per person. We gave deserts a miss as we were all pretty full by then. The one good point about P’tite Ardoise that it is BYO.  I was a tad disappointed with the food.

On the whole, 6 for food quality, 6 for atmosphere, 7 for pricing and 7 for service.

P’tite Ardoise

283 Beaufort St


Tel: 9228 2008


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10 Responses to P’tite Ardoise Bistro

  1. John Elson says:

    Hello, I am bit confused about how you said the food was disappointing for me the food was the best part of the night, it was the service which had a bit of trouble due to the umber of turnover they did like i swear i saw at least 80 people walk through that door and for a small place that’s tough but the food was at least a 8!

    • maydayforfood says:

      Hi John, that was pretty much our experience. Both the food and service weren’t that great. Glad the food was good for you and at least that would have made up for the service. Maybe we’ll give it another chance next time on a night that’s not that busy possibly?

      • John Elson says:

        Okay i hope you go again and Valerie told us that weekdays are probably a better option for a more enjoyable, weekends apparently are very European styled, they try to get as many covers and i think its called double service???? but do try it again because I’ll be going back, one of my personal favorites.

        • maydayforfood says:

          I’ll definitely give them another go. Maybe we just got them at a bad night. :)

          • Benji says:

            Sorry but it should not matter if its monday or saturday night
            the food and service should be the same. lazy bull shit excuses if you ask me

          • maydayforfood says:

            True that! But it is Perth and the service in Perth is pretty average.

  2. Denis Edgar says:

    Benji I agree but as said some days aren’t as good as others. I went yesterday and It was super!

    • Peter Forfield says:

      I agree with you. I went a few days ago and Ive been before and some of the waitstaff had changed I think there going through many changes in the front of house at the moment because they’re service had improved, there changing things for the better!

  3. Denis Edgar says:

    i see…. because i loved the food!!!!!!

  4. Tim White says:

    been 5 times always great, Foods great, service great, enjoy nobodys perfect,

    JUST ENJOY !!!!!!!!

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