West End Deli

West End Deli


I’m going to start by saying that I am probably going to offend the regulars that frequent West End deli with my blog post and having read some really good reviews about the place. I was bitterly disappointed with our meal and service!

Justin Peters made a big impact during his time at Duende just down the road. He has attracted the attention of the locals in his first venture with wife Christine by transforming a former shopfront into an excellent casual diner offering breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes, and some takeaway food.

Located in the sleepy suburbia of West Perth (not far from my first apartment when I first arrived in Perth) where winter trees drop leaves on the asphalt, the scent of freshly baked baguettes can be smelt drifting down Carr Street.

Some may think they might just be in a backstreet of the Latin quarter of Paris instead of being in sleepy Perth.

West End Deli has a rustic feel where upon entry there’s an open kitchen with three chefs working away and white chairs were hanging off the ceiling, on the walls there were pictures of West Perth back in the days…it was all very interesting to admire.

We were seated to the back of the café and the place was already loaded with patrons. We ordered our coffees for the rest of the gang and I had toffee apple which was freshly squeezed apple juice topped with raspberries and its syrup. It was yummy.

The negative about this place was that we waited 45 minutes for out breakfast! We waited that long that John had to skip his meal and left for work. And to be quite honest, the food didn’t quite make up for the long wait.

Gabby & I ordered their West End steak sandwich which was seared skirt steak with mushroom ketchup, onion frits and blue cheese mayo.

It was an open sandwich with one piece of bread and a small slice of the skirt steak and topped with rocket leaves. The mushroom ketchup was interesting and did work well with the steak sandwich. The onion frits had a light batter and it was perfectly cooked. But on the whole it was nothing out of the ordinary for a steak sandwich.

Simone and James ordered their corned beef hash with potato and fried egg. This dish was beautifully presented but that’s all it was. It didn’t come with a piece of toast which we thought it needed. The sauce tasted like tomato sauce out of the bottle and the corned beef wasn’t anything special.

We thought it was a rather disappointing experience with the service and the food quality. The staff made no apology for how long it took for the meal to be served. I’m not sure if I’ll ever give Wes End Deli another go after that experience.

On the whole, 5 for food quality, 6 for atmosphere, 6 for pricing (cost per person approximately $35) and 4 for service.

West End Deli

95 Carr St

West Perth

Tel: 9328 3605

Opening Hours:

Monday – Wednesday 7am – 3pm

Thursday – Saturday 7am – late

Sundays 7am – 3pm


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