Good Fortune Roast Duck House

Good Fortune Roast Duck House


This is one of my favourite roast duck places. I love it because they served up boneless roast duck!

Conveniently located close to the vibrant and exciting area of Northbridge, Good Fortune Roast Duck House is situated on 344 William Street and is only a 5-minute walk away from the Perth main train station. It is also close to the bars, shops and other popular entertainment hotspots.

Good Fortune was founded by Mr. Jin Shou Chen in 1999. Mr Chen has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, specialising in roast duck, as well as the classic BBQ pork, roast pork and BBQ pork ribs. Roast Duck, or Peking Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the imperial era. Peking Duck is considered one of China’s national foods.

Diners eating here are acutely aware of their good fortune, because this eatery not only offers delightfully decadent duck dishes; its menu is also replete with pork dishes and a plethora of noodle delights as well.

While its decor may not have you thinking it’s the nicest eatery in Perth, what with its mix of fish tanks and ornate Chinoiserie-style chairs, the food is said to be delicious and it’s very reasonably priced.

The line out the door tells a lot about a restaurant, especially when it is also packed with Asian patrons. Sometimes we just head to Good Fortune and pick up some takeaway for dinner. You can also use the boneless duck for Thai red curry duck recipes or their BBQ pork as an ingredient in fried rice.

Mum & I headed there for lunch and there was a wait to dine in. But the wait wasn’t long about 10 minutes and they are pretty quick with their service.  We ordered half a boneless roast duck with dry egg noodles. There is the option to have the noodles in soup too. The duck was moist and tender. The skin of the duck wasn’t as crispy as the duck you would be from Hong Kong BBQ but it sure was tasty and glistened with the sheen of delicious duck fat.

The noodles were cooked to al dente and had a side small bowl of soup to accompany it.

We also ordered steamed Kai Lan with garlic, oyster sauce where the stems were still crisp and juicy. Mum and I polished off the lot! We even took home another order of half a boneless roast duck with a serve of BBQ pork and roast pork for John.

The service is great, no complains as they were quick with our orders and it cost us $65 including the takeaway.

On the whole, 9 for the food quality, 7 for the atmosphere, 9 for pricing and 9 for service.

Good Fortune Roast Duck House

344 William St


Tel: 9228 3293

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