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We have been looking forward to having dinner at Galileo for awhile now. We’ve had heard many of good things about the place. So off we went and shared the experience with Oscar and Jonita.

Hidden along Onslow Road in Shenton Park, I wouldn’t have known it was there. As you walked into the restaurant, it was buzzing with diners and it oozes a sense of homeliness and warmth. I love the rustic feel to the place with the heavy furniture and decor. You can even see through the kitchen and watch the chefs cooking up the meal.

The unassuming interior is simply decorated in a rustic, Italian style with yellow washed walls adorned with colourful local artwork. Three rooms are joined by “glassless windows”, allowing the buzzy atmosphere to filter throughout the restaurant.

This place is not so much about the setting, but rather about the food; the majority of which is made on the premises.

At Galileo the food is honest, reasonably priced and cooked straight from the heart. It’s perfect for a midweek meal or a weekend catch up with friends.

When a restaurant has a hoard of regular patrons, many travelling further than necessary for a good meal, it’s usually an indication of outstanding food.

We started off with some warm crusty Italian bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I ordered the veal meatballs in a white wine sauce which was absolutely delicious. The meatballs were so tender and just melted in your mouth. The white wine sauce is light and perfect with the meatballs.

John ordered their homemade gnocchi with 3 cheeses and topped with shaved truffles. The gnocchi was fantastic and cooked to al dente. John loved it and polished off the lot.

Oscar ordered the Caprese salad which is a simple salad made of sliced tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella topped with basil and olive oil. They also served their Caprese salad with thinely sliced cured meat.

Jonita’s entrée was fresh greens wrapped with thinly sliced roast beef topped with mushrooms. It looked delicious and the beef looked perfectly cooked, still slightly pink.

For mains, I ordered the broccoli trofie pasta which is thin twisted pasta with broccoli florets, fresh tomatoes, raisins, chilli tossed in olive oil and topped with freshly grated Parmesan. I loved it, it was so fresh and the amazing home made pasta was great.

John, Oscar and Jointa ordered the same dish for their main which was their spit-roasted duck with a red wine jus. Duck slowed cooked in their oven until tender and finished off in the spit to give its skin a really crispy finished served with a side of the creamiest mash and red wine jus. It was just lovely for a cold winter’s night.

Just when you thought you couldn’t fit any desert in, you might just have to. The deserts were so good. John and I ordered the profiteroles and decided to share it. The restaurant was so lovely and split the dish into 2 dishes so that we both had our own dish. Profiteroles are cream puffs or choux à la créme is a choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream then topped with chocolate sauce and strawberry pieces. It was beautifully presented and so decadent.

Oscar & Jonita shared the chocolate flourless cake which looked amazing and served with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry pieces.

The service was impeccable and what a wonderful dining experience we had. Thank you Oscar and Jonita for the lovely meal, we’ll definitely be back for more.

On the whole, 9 ½ for the food quality, 9 for the atmosphere and 9 for service.

Galileo Buona Cucina

199 Onslow Road
Shenton Park

Tel: 9382 3343

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