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Celebrating Simone’s birthday, we all headed along with her family to Barolo for dinner.  We’ve been to Barolo before but wasn’t impressed at that time. We were hoping this time around maybe different.

Barolo on Beaufort which was once a humble Highgate furniture shop, has now been converted a classy joint serving up a refined take on traditional cucina povera six nights a week.

“Cucina povera” (kitchen of the poor) refers to the food styles developed throughout the various regions of Italy during the many years of poverty endured within the country. This style of cookery showcases the flavors of in season produce without fuss or complication.

At Barolo on Beaufort the menu is seasonally driven in order to offer the freshest foods cooked to the traditional recipes of Italy. Accompanied by a wine list offering a selection of Italian & Australian wines along side worldwide varietals. The dinning room is relaxed and sumptuous, allowing for enjoyable, social dinning.

One thing about Barolo is the noise. It’s not deafening but you soon realise that you probably not a good idea bringing someone here for a quiet intimate meal.

I do like what they’ve with the decor though, it’s a big space but there’s plenty of bits to break it up, least of all the incredible arches that cross the centre of the building. I also love the huge wine rack on one wall and also the space to hang extra dining chairs.

We started off with some pizzas to share as entrée which were Bolzano and Puttanesca. Bolzano pizza has the ingredients of tomato, provolone, pork sausage, oregano, fresh chilli and basil.

Puttanesca was made with tomato, mozzarella, Parmigiano, cherry tomatoes, anchovy, capers, fresh chilli, black olives and basil. Both pizzas were great! The base was perfectly cooked, still slightly chewy and the ingredients went well with each other.

For mains, I ordered their Tagliatelle Bolognese which was fresh tasgliatelle pasta with a rich veal & pork Bolognaise sauce. The sauce was fantastic! The veal & pork mince was tender and the rich tomato sauce was well seasoned. Also the pasta was cooked to al dente.

John & James ordered their Pork Colla-Butt which was a little disappointing. It’s a roast pork colla-butt served medium (but I think it was a little overcooked) with a chestnut, sage and breadcrumb crust and served on a bit of rocket. The pork wasn’t tender and felt like it had been sitting under the heat lamp for awhile.

For Simone’s main, she ordered the Gnocchi Sorrentina and it was home made gnocchi with parmesan, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini and basil. It looked good and Simone loved it.

There were also options for main specials on the night. Leon ordered the Polla alla Locatelli which was grilled chicken breast on a bed of wilted spinach and served with a slice of lemon. The chicken looked like it was cooked perfectly, juicy without a hint of dryness.

Gabby had the pasta special with Fettuccine with mushrooms, cavalo nero and freshly shaved truffles. Cavalo nero is a form of cabbage and is green or purple. Looked amazing and Gabby said it was lovely.

We were absolutely stuffed by the end and didn’t order any deserts. Our experience this time around was much better and we’ll be back definitely for their pizzas as they were great. I must say that the wait between the meals were about 30 between the entrée and mains which is a little too long. We did have great company and vino to keep us busy though. Happy Birthday Moni, hope you had an awesome day!

On the whole, 7 ½ for the food quality, 7 ½ for the atmosphere and 7 for service.

Barolo on Beaufort

448 Beaufort St

Mount Lawley

Tel: 08 6162 9387

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