Jezebelle is a new restaurant in Guildford, across the road from Alfred’s. It’s only been open for a couple of months and I think Guildford does need a restaurant like Jezebelle to bring some modernness to a lovely historic neighbourhood.

The decor is modern, cosy, and clearly still a work in progress, with the lounge and outdoor areas still being finished off. You can only see from the unfinished walls if you are looking for it.

What they have done though does look fantastic with a stunning fireplace, funky furniture and different sections dividing the dining areas giving it a sense of privacy. I also love the funky paintings that have on the walls.

It still early days for the restaurant and the enthusiastic staff haven’t had a lot of time to click together as a team, but there’s clearly some talent there and I’m sure they will get there as a team.

The barista blends their coffee in house and Chef, John Newton has put together an extraordinary menu that’s both simple, yet gourmet.

Their dinner menu is designed to be shared among friends with small tapas choices and a few larger dishes as mains. We decided to order a few things to share.

There was the warm marinated wild olives with Persian feta which was a mixture of different types of olives slight warmed and served with Persian feta that is soft and so creamy.

Another starter was their house grissini with buffalo mozzarella, fennel and jamon.

The Morrocan beetroot, sweet potato and carrots was served with chick peas & minted yoghurt was simple in flavours, with the grilled beetroot, potatoes and carrots carrying themselves in flavour. The chickpeas were tender and lovely with the minted yoghurt.

I thought with the next dish, we were getting potatos skins as that was what was on the menu. Potato skins with Taleggio and marjoram with hazelnuts and crispy pancetta was the dish but it was more like half a baked potato filled with hazelnuts, crispy bits of pancetta and taleggio which is a rind-washed and smear-rippen Italian cheese. It also has a strong aroma, but comparatively mild in flavour and an unusual fruity tang.

The haloumi & roasted cauliflower fritters were great and they were served with a homemade spiced tomato relish.

So was the roasted capsicum arancini! They were yum and perfectly cooked. They were golden brown on the outer shell and tender, cheesy on the inside. They were served with shaved goat’s chevre and a creamy avocado aioli.

We also had the grilled Maharani prawns with cucumber salad which were prawns marinated with Indian spices then grilled and laid over a cucumber yoghurt.

The scallops with caramelised pineapple slices and a peanut praline was another of the dishes we ordered. The disappointment with this dish was that the scallops were slightly undercooked but the flavours from the caramelised pineapple and the peanut praline works well.

Then there was the Szechuan duck with coriander and snow peas where the duck breast was perfectly cooked with a caramelised crispy skin and slightly pink meat and served with a Szechuan sauce.

My favourite was their Khata style pork ribs with konbu pickle. The sauce was amazing, filled with lovely flavours of ginger, orange and honey. I do want to point out that I wished they had cooked the pork ribs till they were falling off the bone.

For one of our main dishes that we ordered was the caramel pork hotpot with garlic, coconut and ginger which is much like a stew with pork pieces cooked till tender in a coconutty sauce served with fresh steamed bak choy and broccolini.

The boys wanted a served of their salt & vinegar onion rings which I think the batter was just a tad thick but well cooked till golden brown and seasoned with salt & vinegar.

After all that food, we still managed to also pull out eating some of their deserts. We couldn’t go past their glazed fig & espresso baked cheesecake and the petit fours selection which was a selection of chocolates.

The meal came up to $150 per couple with all that food, wine, beers and coffees as well. I hope Jezebelle does well as I think the food was great. John & I went back for breakfast one more and it was great. I have shared our breakfast along with this review as well.

John had their potato roesti, wilted spinach, poached eggs and thyme hollandaise. Small serves though but the flavours were great.

I had the baked chocolate ricotta filo with cinnamon poached pear and a honey yoghurt. It was absolutely delicious. I loved the baked chocolate ricotta filo, lovely puff pastry filled with chocolate ricotta and silvered almonds.

So if you’re up for a drive, head down to the lovely historic Guildford suburb and find Jezebelle for a lovely meal. I wish Jezebelle all the best and I’m sure they will go a long way and keep serving the great food standards.

On the whole, 8 ½ for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 ½ for pricing and 8 ½ for service.


127 James St


Tel: 6278 3538

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 7am till late

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