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Celebrating John’s birthday today, we went for dim sum and tried somewhere different. Xintiandi is the newly renovated restaurant of what used to be Jade Dynasty located on Francis Street in Northbridge.  Same owners though, it just had a face-lift. The direct translation is “New Heaven and Earth” and has a really nice ring to it in Chinese.

The inside of the restaurant does not disappoint with its modern decor, open plan with contrasting colours of black, white, grey and purple and what seemed to be hundred of glass lights hanging at varying heights from the ceiling. It’s a far cry from what it used to look like and I must say, it does look loads better.

The restaurant has spaces to suit weddings, conferences, meetings, private dinners, exhibitions and social occasions. The main dining room can be used exclusively, or divided into smaller sections for more intimate events. There is also a private room, Ye Shanghai, for small dinners or meetings.

Xintiandi serves food inspired by the signature cuisine of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Hong Kong. It is presented and unified with an emphasis on colour, flavour and composition – using only the finest and freshest West Australian produce.

While keeping with the basic foundations of Chinese cuisine, the use of unconventional ingredients has allowed for many exciting and innovative recipes, bringing to Perth a taste of the trendiest cuisine found in modern China.

We ordered the usual suspects of prawn dumplings, pork dumplings, steamed pork spare ribs with black bean sauce, BBQ pork buns and deep fried squid tentacles. You can’t really go wrong with the usual suspects and they taste pretty much the same as any other dim sum place.

They had plenty of deep fried items which probably isn’t very good for your waist line but they did taste rather yummy. We had the deep fried crab balls, seaweed prawn rolls, salt & pepper pork spare ribs and chilli chicken bites.

Some of their specialities were salt & pepper deep fried soft shell crabs which were delicious! They also had roast duck which was succulent and so was their roast pork with a lovely crackling.

Also they had their shanghai dumpling that were quite nice. Shanghai dumpling is a type of steamed bun from eastern China, especially Shanghai and Wuxi. It is traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets and are often referred to as soup dumplings as there is a bit of soup in the dumpling so you have to be careful trying to pick up dumpling, making sure you don’t squeeze the soup out of the dumpling.

The food was fresh and worked out to be around $40 per person but there was a lot of food and inclusive of beers too. The restaurant is fully licensed. Their service was prompt and the wait persons were prompt with taking the empty plates away and attentive. With dim sum, I always suggest in going early so you will get the freshest food and also beating the crowds.

On the whole, 8 for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing and 8 for service.


40 Francis St


Tel: 9228 9619

Opening hours:

Lunch : Mon to Sun 10:30am – 3pm

Dinner : Mon to Sun 5:30pm – 11pm

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  1. I like Xintaindi a lot more than the old Jade too. I’ve only had dinner there and have enjoyed their Sichuan style dishes. I haven’t tried their dim sum yet but it looks like it will be worth checking out :)

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