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Matty was over from Melbourne for the weekend so we decided to catch up along with Mitchell as well. We met up for lunch at Burger Bistro in Leederville.

With its flagship store being in Shafto lane in the city, it has opened its next branch in Leederville just meters away from Jus Burgers.

Taking over the old Moda café in Leederville, the bistro has a really open feel to it. With clean white walls and huge dining area both indoors and outdoors, I also loved their exposed ceilings and awesome paintings on their walls.

At least, when you’re there there isn’t a queue out the doors unlike some of the other burger bars. There was plenty of room but I’m sure it gets really busy in the evenings.

We met up at lunch time on a Saturday and there were loads of tables to choose from. They did have a steady line of patrons coming in and out of the bistro.

They have a good range of different burgers from the usual beef burgers, chicken burgers, lamb burgers, a Spanish chorizo burger and one of their specials was a pork burger too. If you’re not into any meat burgers, there are plently of other options as well from vegetable burgers and chickpea burgers. And if you’re not into your carbs, then you can also order any of their burgers breadless. The cost per burger ranges between $12 to $16.

The three of us ordered a burger each. I had their Gourmet New Yorker which was hand made CAAB Angus beef patty with balsamic caramelised red onions, dill pickles, vintage aged cheddar on a bed of their green leaf salad and served with New Norcia spelt sourdough roll. I actually swapped their dill pickles with the shredded beetroot & orange zest tzatziki as I love my beetroot and what an awesome burger it was. You can have your burger patty cooked to your liking. The patty was thick and delicious with that smoky goodness from being on the grill. The balsamic caramelised red onions were fantastic too.

Matty ordered their Classic Chicken burger which was Mt Barker free range chicken breast with a fresh leaf salad, roma tomato, Spanish mayo and Burger Bistro’s own garlic mayonnaise. His burger looked really good.

Mitchell’s order was Captain America and it was again the CAAB Angus beef patty with premium aged cheddar, dill pickle, ketchup and classic American mustard on a bed of their leaf salad. Another amazing looking burger. I wished I could eat all their burgers because they all looked great!

Patrons order at the counter and it didn’t take long for our orders to be served. Also, it is fully licensed. It’s definitely a place for me to head back again and try out their other burgers.

On the whole, 9 for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 ½ for pricing and 8 ½ for service.

Burger Bistro

147 Oxford St


Tel: 9443 5881


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2 Responses to Burger Bistro

  1. Owen says:

    Hi May

    Cheers for coming down to our Leederville store just recently. One of my friends read your article and forwarded it to me. Really happy you enjoyed the experience.

    For Chris, Terry and myself it’s been a long road from the law, finance, suits and ties to creating a menu and fit out that reflects the food and flavours we are passionate about in a comfortable and engaging setting.

    Your article resonated massively with a lot of people who first heard we were going into Leederville and asked the logic of such a move against a supposed powerhouse like Jus Burgers. Only time will tell, but we just feel we’ve got a great product which we back wholeheartedly and given we’re the guys who create and run it, all the onus lies on us and therefore also the satisfaction of confirmation when we come across an article like yours.

    Cheers again and if / when you’re back in either shop please make yourself known to whichever one of us is on watch as we’d love to thank you in person.

    Oh and if you’re interested we’ve got an amazing guitarist (www.trevorjalla.com) playing every Thursday night live at Leederville to the end of June as something new we’re doing to try to enhance and make that burger experience
    just that little bit more unique.


    • maydayforfood says:

      Hi Owen, thanks for your lovely comments. The experience was great and I’ll definitely be back one day. One of those Thursday nights in June sounds great with the guitarist playing. I’m also in finance at the moment, working for a bank and fully understand where you boys are coming from. I admire your courage to leave the industry and go for your food passion. I’m sure you boys will do well and I wish you the greatest of success. Cheers, May

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