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Another beautiful morning in Perth and a great way to spend it was to have breakfast with my husband. Having heard so much about Toast, we decided to give it a go. The last time we went there, it was so packed we went to Partisan instead.

Located on Claisebrook Cove waterfront and next to the Royal, diners have the option of outdoor or indoor dining. You also had the options of sitting in their comfy cane chairs and baste in the sunlight sipping on coffee. As all of the tables outdoors were taken, we took our place indoors.

One of Toast’s most endearing features is its vintage inspired decor like the 1950′s red vinyl chairs but especially its water bottles – vintage French bottles of all different shapes and colours. Together with the colourful plastic cups for water which can be found on their vintage trolley, they are truly fantastic!

We found the indoor dining a little too noisy for our liking so as soon as a table outside came available, we took it. It was much nicer outdoors with the sun shining and beautiful weather that we were having and the lovely view of East Perth.

The ordering system was easy, just order at the counter and the coffees and food will be served to our table. With hungry tummies to fill, we decided to order as their queue was getting long.

We ordered a coffee for John and a glass of their fresh juices which was the bugs-a-lugs and that had fresh cranberry, beetroot and carrot. The coffee looked great and John said it was good. My juice was delicious and full of flavour. YUM!

For breakfast, I ordered their roast beef, caramelised onions, roasted capsicum, rocket and chilli jam toasted Turkish bread. It was great. I loved the caramelised onions and chilli jam giving the toastie its sweetness and a little bit of heat.

John had scrambled eggs on wholegrain bread with a side of crispy bacon. We thought their scrambled eggs were overcooked and were a little disappointed with his order.

Toast’s menu consists of breakfast fare, sandwiches and salads, available all day. You can choose a fairly simple breakfast (porridge, muesli, fruit and yoghurt), sweet or savoury crepes, croissants (the one filled with scrambled egg, Swiss cheese and dijon mustard sounds fantastic!), 14 different kinds of toast, some of the breads you can order with all kinds of toppings – not just your usual butter and jam, but Nutella, or avocado and Vegemite, or tinned sardines, various breakfast fry-ups, French toast… Don’t you love it when a café has an extensive all-day breakfast menu!

Their service was great and fast. The meal cost us just under $40 which is pretty reasonable even though John was disappointed with his meal, mine was great! I would definitely be back and give Toast another chance.

On the whole, 8 for the food quality, 8 for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing and 8 for service.


21/60 Royal Street
East Perth WA 6004
(08) 9221 0771

Open Daily 7am-7pm

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