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Phong Vinh


Phong Vinh is a much newer Vietnamese noodle joints and me being a person that loves my noodles soup, we just had to give it a go.

There’s a pretty obvious correlation you can use when picking an Asian restaurant in Northbridge, if you notice more actual Asian people that are dining, the more authentic the cuisine. At Phong Vinh, it was pretty busy on a Tuesday night and it was filled with Asian patrons. While some Vietnamese joints on William Street are perfectly happy churning out MSG to a largely western clientele, if you’re a bit picky (and watch for the correlation) you’ll end up somewhere like Phong Vinh.

Located on William St and next to Moon Café, the interior is clean with plenty of tables. It is owned by the same family that owns Tra Vinh, so you can see the similarity in food from both restaurants. The familiar flask of hot tea, rasp of the laminated menu and self serve chopsticks and condiments, is efficient and strangely enough, homely.

We were both in a rather adventurous mood and decided to deviate from our usual Pho Bo which is raw beef noodle soup and try something else on the menu. We started with some prawn spring rolls which were rather standard and you can’t really go wrong with deep-fried spring rolls.

I ordered the pork with crab meat rice vermicelli soup which was different. The pho has great depth of flavour from a rich stock, herbs and spices. There was only one ingredient in the soup that I didn’t like were these cubes which looked suspiciously like liver but not really, if you know what I mean. They looked rather disturbing and I wasn’t game enough to put them in my mouth. There was no evidence of crab meat in the dish at all however the soup was packed the crab flavours though.

John’s order of pork pie soup with drop rice noodles looked rather interesting too. There were different cuts of pork meat in the soup from thinly sliced pork pieces to big chucks of pork bone. The drop noodles looked like Udon noodles about 5cm in length and probably easier to eat with just using your spoon.

It’s BYO booze (like really BYO, bring a carton) or perhaps you’d like to wash down your meal with a fresh avocado and durian shake (aka a cool glass of Vietnamese authenticity). Put simply, Phong Vinh is yummy and 100% Asian dining experience.
On the whole, 6 for the food quality, 7 for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing ($30) and 8 for service.

Phong Vinh Noodle House
323 William Street
Perth WA
(08) 9228 8238

Opening Hours: Mon – Wed 10am – 9pm, Fri to Sun – 10am – 10pm
Closed on Thursdays

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2 Responses to Phong Vinh Noodle House

  1. Helen says:

    Pretty sure those cubes are the crab meat, just saying.
    Doesn’t exactly taste like crab but it’s vaguely seafood-ish haha.

  2. Kitty says:

    The cube you’re talking about – you mean the dark coloured piece in the soup… looks to me like coagulated blood – it’s a delicacy in Asia.

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