Jessie’s Curry Kitchen & Cafe

Jessie's Curry Kitchen & Cafe


Ok, I’m blogging about this one as I totally forgot to put this in for the 31.03.2011. Mum had told us about this little place and we wanted to try it out so we took mum along. Jessie’s curry kitchen & café is on a spot on Beaufort Street that if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Jessie’s is located on Beaufort Street, closest corner is Eight Avenue near Bunnings Warehouse. Look out for the yellow signage for Jessie’s. Jessie’s has been a welcome addition to the Inglewood strip and has been in business for the last 6 years. How the heck did we not know about the café until now?

It is the only one of its kind on the strip and offers a great selection of Malaysian and Indian food. The owners of Jessie’s Curry Kitchen are a husband and wife team from Malaysia. Jeya, the husband is usually out at the front manning the counter with his friendly and joking manner . And out back, Jessie is usually cooking up a storm and even though busy in the kitchen always has time to say hi.

The interior of Jessie’s is simple and small. It will probably fit a maximum of say 25 persons for inside dining and 4 for outside dinning. Being on a Wednesday night, we were lucky to bag a table inside.  You should see the look on John’s face when the smells of curry and roti was wharfing around the café.

We started with money bags as entree. Money bags are like a wonton like wrap filled with meat and vegetables then deep-fried and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Mum & I order the mee goreng and the chicken murtabak to share. The mee goreng is much drier than the mee goreng one would get from Singapore. We requested ours to be hot but to me, it wasn’t that hot but tasted really yummy. There were bits of chicken pieces, prawns and beanshoots which is quite typical of the ingredients of mee goreng.

The murtabak was fantastic, freshly made roti prata filled with chicken and vegetables then pan fried and served with the sauce from their chicken curry. The murtabak was thick and I absolutely love the curry, it was thick and full of flavour but not that spicy, just perfect.

John ordered 2 puris with lamb curry. Puri is prepared with wheat flour and the dough of flour and salt is either rolled out in a small circle or rolled out and cut out in small circles and deep fried in ghee or vegetable oil. While deep frying, it puffs up like a round ball. When it is golden-brown in color, it is removed and may be served hot or saved for later use. The rolled puri may be pricked with a fork before deep frying to get a flat puri for chaat like bhel puri. Jessie’s puri was great so John tells me and so was the lamb curry which was in a lovely deep red colour, thick and plenty of thick pieces of tender lamb which had been cooking for hours. We also ordered a side of dahl curry which is a lentil and vegetable curry and it was delicious too.

To sum up, the food at Jessie’s is homemade, tasty and fresh, and the service is friendly. The other plus is that a meal at Jessie’s won’t break the bank. A meal costs from $6.50 to $11.00. It’s great for both dining in or takeaway. Be warned though, if the place is busy expect to be waiting a while for your meal and don’t forget it’s a husband & wife time running the show.

On the whole, 8 for the food quality, 7 for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing and 8 for service.

Jessie’s Curry Kitchen & Café

869 Beaufort Street


Phone (08) 9271 8528

Opening hours: Wed to Sun: 11:00am to 2:30pm, 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Mon: 11am to 2:30pm

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