Mrs. S

Mrs. S


With everyone checking in at Mrs. S on facebook and twitter, it was time to check it out. After the gym this morning, a few of us girls decided to head out to Mrs. S for breakfast.

Mrs. S is located on the corner of Whatley Crescent & Eighth Avenue, Maylands only recently opened, it has already attracted a following of dedicated diners. A brand-spanking-new addition to the burgeoning Maylands foodie scene and about time I say, this place oozes cute, welcoming, friendly charm and practically begs you to come in from the street for a look-see. Opposite the train station in a renovated space, the cafe has a retro-chic look, with cool black-and-white wall prints and warm wood and purple accents. The bowls (or scales) of wrapped candy are real, the cookbooks, aprons, cupcake paper cases and vases are dotted around the establishment are for sale. You can also pay a game of Uno with your friends, Mrs. S provides the cards. The service is prompt, friendly and eager to clear your plates as soon as you’re finished.

When we arrived, it was pretty busy with the breakfast crowd but we managed to score some seats in the long table in the middle of the café sharing with others. Their menus are pegged to old Little Golden Books which were really cute. You’ll need to place your order at the counter, not too long after ordering the coffees were served to our table. I was told by the girls that the coffee was pretty good and to me, the coffees looked pretty with the coffee art on the foam.

Bianca & I ordered Mrs. S summer Bircher muesli and it was refreshing and yummy. It had bits of dried cranberries, shredded coconut, macadamias, flaked almonds topped with berry yoghurt and half a fresh passionfruit.

A couple of the other girls ordered the field mushroom, house baked ricotta and pesto and ciabatta toast which looked really good too. The field mushroom was massive topped with ricotta and the pesto. The pesto also looked like it was home made.

Simone ordered the avocado, olive tapenade, feta with slow roasted tomato on rye bread with a side of bacon. The bacon looked like it was really well cooked, it had some nice charring around the edges with the right amount of crispiness but it was still succulent.

There weren’t any complaints from the girls so I figure breakfast was good. I didn’t have any complaints about mine. We paid for our own meals and mine was $12 which is pretty reasonable. Seeing that Mrs. S is only around the corner from my place, it maybe a frequent haunt for breakfast. They also have a variety of baked cakes, muffins, and sweets if you’re up for coffee & cake.

On the whole, 8 ½ for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 ½ for pricing and 8 ½ for service.

Mrs S

178 Whatley Crescent
Maylands WA 6051
(08) 9271 6690

Open Tue-Fri 7am-5pm; Weekends 8am-4pm

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