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It’s the beginning of another year and another birthday celebration. This time is for beautiful mum, Mei and also our traditional girl lunch that we have to celebrate each other’s birthday. One of our favourite is to have buffet where you get an array of food to choose from cold food to hot mains and sweet treats.

Atrium at Burswood has had a much needed revamp. The refurbishment may have cost about $8.5M and I must admit it is well worth it. The décor for the Atrium itself has also has improved greatly, and is a notch more high class.

The first main feeling you get when you walk towards the buffet restaurant is of privacy. Whereas the old buffet used to be quite open to public view (as the surrounding locations are higher up elevated), what you will see this time is large pillars that sends a message that eating at the Atrium means there is an occasion to celebrate. Once you walk down the walkway, there are two reception desks ready to attend to your needs. You will then be promptly taken to your seat. There is also a massive bar which has been erected serving cocktails, wine and spirits and you may even like to have a sit at the bar prior to getting stuck into the buffet.

The buffet choices have also improved dramatically, there are much more choices and the quality have also improved. The cold starter section had the usual selection of cold meats, salads, cooked prawns and sushi.

Mei thought the sushi looked a little dry and it was a little. I guess they must mass produce and make it way in advance and refrigerated. When you keep sushi in the fridge, it dries out. On the other subject, the cooked prawns were fresh and we love our prawns. We went back for plenty of seconds and made the most of it.

The selection in their hot main section have also improved with a roast corner with beef, lamb, pork and chicken roast and an assortment of gravies to go with the roast. For their Asian diners, they have a section for Hainanese chicken rice, Char Siew or BBQ pork and roast duck.

They were also loads of different curries from Indian to Malaysian, beef stroganoff, variety of pastas, roasted and grilled vegetables.

My favourite section was the desert one and boy, did that section not disappoint. There was a chocolate fountain which is a massive device for serving chocolate fondue. The chocolate flows from the three tiers and is heated at the basin to keep the chocolate in a liquid state. You can dip fresh strawberries and marshmallows in the chocolate. It is such a decadent treat!

They also had plenty of petite deserts like chocolate cakes, mini tarts, creamy mousses in mini cups and mini pandan chiffon cake.

They have waffle cones to go along with the assortment of ice cream flavours and plenty of toppings as well. Or if you like, you could even have waffles made on the spot and topped with fresh cream or ice cream. They even have a honey comb stand dripping with fresh honey to go with your waffles too. Atrium have also catered for patrons who don’t have a sweet tooth with plenty of fresh fruits too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and I must say that the improvements are for the better. The atmosphere is brighter, sleek and sophisticated with friendly staff keen in clearing your plates as soon as you’re finished. I would definitely be back next time and I hear for dinner they also have Peking duck wrapped in an Asian pancakes. The meal cost around $180 which includes the discount from the Entertainment book. I think it is pretty reasonable considering the variety of food that and we also had 4 cocktails as well.

On the whole, 8 ½ for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing and 9 for service.


Burswood Entertainment Complex
Great Eastern Highway, Burswood WA 6100
(08) 9362 7551

Open 7 days

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  1. May says:

    Yes, do go for dinner! I went with Geoff last year in December. Their roast duck was just SO GOOD. Juicy and tender and ask for the drumstick WHOLE. Beijing duck was not bad too. =D

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