Welcome Inn Tea House

Welcome Inn Tea House


We woke up this morning and felt like dim sum so off we went to find somewhere different this time. One restaurant that always had huge masses of people waiting outside for a table when you drive past the place is Welcome Inn Tea House on William Street in Northbridge.

As we were arrived at around 10am, it wasn’t packed at all and we were hoping that the food was a lot fresher at that time in the morning. It started to fill up with people as the morning went on. The restaurant is very simply decorated with unassuming plain white walls and simple chairs and tables, nothing too exciting about it. And to be quite honest, so is the food.

There was no trolleys going around with dim yum going around, you basically had to order what you would like and they will make the dishes as they go. So we ordered the usual BBQ pork puffs, pork dumplings, prawn dumplings, steam spare ribs with black bean sauce, beancurd rolls, Jiaozi or Chinese pork dumplings with vinegar sauce and deep fried squid tentacles.  The BBQ pork puffs were a little cold and the BBQ pork didn’t have any taste at all. We were quite disappointed with the rest of the other food too. Most of the dumplings and the beancurd rolls were sparsely filled with pork mince like they were cutting down on cost. The deep fried squid tentacles were also slightly cold and tasteless, it definitely needed more seasoning. The spare ribs was probably the most tasty dish out of the lot. It was perfectly cooked, tender and well seasoned with the black bean.

The meal cost us about $40 for the both of us which was alright I suppose but we probably wouldn’t go back for awhile as we were so disappointed with the food quality.

On the whole, 4 for the food quality, 6 for the atmosphere, 6 for pricing and 5 for service.

Welcome Inn Tea House

354 William Street

Perth WA

09 9227 8886

Open daily 9am – 3pm

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