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Claremont quarter David Jones opened today and Audrey & I along with my mum as a babysitter headed to Claremont to check it out. We decided to have lunch at On the Terrace previously known as Kuppa.

There are outside and inside dining areas, with a large marble bar spanning the length of the inside dining room and a couple of chesterfield armchairs on the terrace. There were a few other people there, all eating either tapas-style food or main courses, which is unusual for a Saturday mid-afternoon. It was refreshing to be able to order real food at a restaurant outside of the standard lunch/dinner timeslots. I think the restaurant needs an update, they have kept the interior the same and all they did was change the name.

We managed to score a seat in the restaurant away from the heat. The restaurant was rather busy and the waitress looked like she was run off her feet. We soon found out that they were still serving breakfast at 11.30 so we decided to wait for about half an hour to order lunch. I’ll start with the lowlight of this dining experience which was the service. We wanted for about ½ an hour to get some drinks ordered and have some menus to look at. The food took a while to be served and when I asked for another glass of apple juice, they pretty much forgot about it until I had to ask again.

I must apologise for the photos as we tucked in and totally forgot about taking them until we were half way through our meal. We ordered a couple of pasta dishes to share which were the fettuccini with chicken, mushroom and pancetta  with white wine cream sauce and angel hair pasta with prawns, chorizo, spinach, tomato salsa and evoo. As Audrey is not a fan of fettuccini, we amended it to angel hair pasta. The chicken, mushroom and pancetta is such a favourite in cafes and you can’t really go wrong with cream sauce. I did think that the pasta were slightly overcooked and mushy. The prawns and chorizo one didn’t really impress me at all and just a tad oily.

The highlight of the meal was their salt and pepper squid salad. The squid was lightly battered and cooked to perfection. The squid was tender and the salad was a mixed green, capers, red onions and chilli and served with a herb aioli. The meal cost us $95 which I thought was rather overpriced for lunch as the meals were rather small.

On the whole, 7 for the food quality, 6 for the atmosphere, 6 for pricing and 5 for service.

On the terrace

37 Bay View Terrace


08 9284 5400

Open Monday- Saturday 8am – Late

Sunday 8am – 4pm


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