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Every year, our family heads out for Chinese New Year but this year we thought we try something different instead of Asian. My mum had heard from her friend about Eat Greek in East Fremantle and really wanted to try it. We booked for an early 12pm lunch and I must say I was rather impressed with it.

The trendy Eat Greek Restaurant is perched on a boardwalk overlooking the Swan River at the Aquarama Marina in East Fremantle and offers diners a traditional experience to remember, with Greek dancing and plate smashing on Friday and Saturday nights. The entry to the restaurant has a lovely koi pond which will keep the kids entertained. The warm, casual dining atmosphere complements the superb views at sunset. The lovely blue and white interior boast a beachy feel with high ceilings and beautiful views of the river and the expensive boats at the yacht club. The restaurant was just starting to get busy when we arrived and in about half an hour later, it was packed. There were lots of Greek people eating at the restaurant and you know what they say if the locals eat here, the place must be good.

But as any discerning lover of Mediterranean food would attest, it’s the food and wine that really counts. And they will not be disappointed, as the huge buffet has all the selections one would expect. As on any good Greek menu, the Eat Greek seafood selection is as varied as it is tasty.

Greek, Mediterranean, octopus and potato salads were some of the cold starters which were all freshly made. I absolutely loved their fresh beetroot salad which I must say was not overly sweet and had a lovely tang to the salad. There were also beautiful cooked prawns and plenty of different sauces like tzatziki available to go with your salads.

Once you have been through the cold foods, you would have to have a huge appetite to get through all the hot foods like the salt and pepper calamari which are highly recommended. I enjoyed their traditional moussaka and pastitsio which is luscious layers of seasoned ground beef, pasta and a creamy béchamel sauce baked to perfection.

There are many gourmet delights that tempt you to go back for more – the chicken souvlaki is a must or the Peri-Peri chicken wings (which I must warn you is rather spicy but yummy) and the beef curry was really tasty and the beef just melted in your mouth. Along with all there, there was also the roast lamb with gravy and the loads of sides of rice, pasta and grilled vegetables too.

Along with all the hot and cold food, you have an array of different breads to choose from fresh dinner rolls and traditional flat breads.

I squealed with excitement after checking out the selection of 12 desserts on offer at the sweets buffet. My eyes were most definitely bigger than the stomach but I had to try the baklava, crème caramel, Greek biscuits and much more. Even better was the self-service, soft serve ice cream machine to finish off a pleasant meal!

The highlights for me were how fresh the food was and the amount of variety too. The cost per person was $40 for Sunday lunch and I think that’s really reasonable. The restaurant is fully licensed though and no BYO available but they do have an assortment of beers and wine. The service was pretty good, the waitresses cleared your empty plates rather quickly but they do need to smile! The family had such a good time and really enjoyed the food so I guess there’s no lowlights in this review.

On the whole, 9 for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 9 for pricing and 8 ½ for service.

Eat Greek Restaurant

74 Riverside Road

East Fremantle

08 9339 8022

Trading Hours

Wednesday – Thursday Evening – $39.90
open from 6:00pm

Wednesday – Friday Lunch – Meze style menu

Weekend trading times

Friday – Saturday Evening – $44.90
open from 6:00pm

Sunday Lunch – $ 39.90
open from 12:00am

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2 Responses to Eat Greek Restaurant

  1. nat king says:

    vin & i took the smilling buddah (my dad) and even he enjoyed it.

    i loved the food & couldn’t have written a better review.

    thanks for the great website….

    gotta love life & of course FOOD

    • maydayforfood says:

      I know.. I was really impressed with the food quality.

      Thanks Nat. Love updating the blog.

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