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Today, we have a special guest reviewer who is one of my best friend and foodie, Gabby. It’s great to have a different perspective from another person and their point of view. I will occasionally have guest reviewers for restaurants or recipes. Email me if you would like to review.  Hope you enjoy her review of Hong Kong BBQ restaurant.

Tonight the crew (with a few notable absentees) headed off to our annual Chinese New Year dinner get together.  This year the decision was made to try out Hong Kong BBQ on Francis Street in Northbridge.  This was an exciting prospect for me as this would be my first “guest review” and I hadn’t been there before.

We started off with prawn crackers (a special request from some of us skips) and the traditional Chinese New Year dish of Yu Shang (Salmon Salad).  This salad involves everyone standing up and ceremoniously using your chops sticks to toss the salad, the higher the better!  The salad has this slices of pickled ginger interspersed with pieces of fresh raw salmon, shredded vegetables (such as white radish and cucumber) and is topped with a tangy dressing and fish roe. The salad was well balanced and fresh and was a great start to the meal.

The second dish of the night was the lobster noodles served in butter, garlic, ginger and spring onions. The egg noodles tasted fresh and almost homemade and the lobster was succulent, sweet and cooked perfectly; this was by far my favourite dish of the night!

The next few dishes all arrived simultaneously and included sizzling black pepper beef fillet, spare ribs with mayonnaise sauce, seafood & beancurd in a claypot, salt and pepper prawns, crispy chicken with vinegar sauce and steamed kailan with oyster sauce. All this seemed like a lot we managed to eat almost everything that was served, and if I was to have a gripe it would be that we could have done with a bit more crispy chicken sit was juicy and crispy and the vinegar sauce is totally moreish.

A few ordered a dessert of sago, coconut milk and fruit and this was a nice light way to end the meal. It must have been good as I have to apologise to May for finishing most of hers while she was seeing a friend out.

The negatives; the food was slow to arrive and one of the toilets resembled the toilet scene from Trainspotting. It was disappointing that staff didn’t arrange to have it cleaned.

On the positive, throughout the evening the service was attentive even though the restaurant itself was at capacity, the full house also adds, in my opinion, to the positive vibe of a Chinese restaurant; it would seem strange if it wasn’t noisy! It has been nicely refurbished and is also BYO, which is a plus as it allowed us to keep the costs down a bit.  I would definitely venture back again to try the Hong Kong BBQ style of food they have on offer.

Value for Money: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Ambience: 6/10 (minus 2 points for the toilet!)

Food: 8/10

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant

76 Francis Street


08 9228 3968

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