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Friday nite! After a week of work, it’s great to finally be able to relax and chill out. We had planned to watch Black Swan  and have dinner at Rifos before the movie.

Rifos is a local haven for residents in the surrounding areas of Maylands and Inglewood. It is somewhat a godsend as it has provided the Maylands strip with a decent café for weekend brekkies. Rifo’s originally started out as a liquor shop and eventually transformed into a full scale café. Situated on the corner of Guildford Road 8th Avenue and parking shouldn’t have a problem with an abundance of spaces on 8th Ave and in the shopping centre car park on Guildford Road. Rifos has the feel of Rockabilly with a distinctive palette of dark reds and oranges, from the awning overhanging the footpath dining area to the warmly lit interiors, showing off tomato-red walls and upside down conical orange lights.

When we arrived at Rifos and this was around 7.30ish, the place was half full with patrons. I thought great, we were able to score a table outside on the patio as it was a beautiful and cool summer’s night. Rifos is a license establishment but you can also BYO wine too. We were greeted immediately by a friendly staff member who cleaned out table and sat us outside. We were given a few minutes to read through their menu and came back not too long later to take our orders.

We decided we would just have mains each as we knew their pizzas are massive and ordered chilli mussels and the Vasil pizza which had salami, spicy Italian sausages, ham and mozzarella on a tomato base.

I’ll start with the lowlight of our eating experience as we wait about 30-35 minutes for our mains. I think that’s a pretty long wait seeing the place wasn’t even packed. We finished the bread that they brought for me that was meant to go with the chilli mussels. But I must say the food did make up for the wait. The pizza was really quite tasty, thin base with just enough toppings. The salami, sausages and ham were thinly sliced and delicious. It was perfectly cooked and the dry oregano sprinkles were perfect for the pizza. The mussels were massive and coated with a thick tomato sauce. I requested for extra chillies in the sauce but I guess the chillies are never hot enough for me.  The sauce was not a rich red colour as one would expect but it seems like they added a bit of cream into the sauce to thicken the sauce and in turn gave it a slight deep pink colour.

The meal cost us $50 which also included a beer and a bottle of sparking water. It was a rather pleasant dining experience, the staff were attentive and the food was good that’s if you don’t mind a bit of a wait.

On the whole, 7 ½ for the food quality, 8 for the atmosphere, 8 for pricing and 7 for service.

Rifos Mayland

189 Guildford Road


08 9271 1811

Open daily from 7am – 11pm


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