Happy New Year and Hippo’s Creek

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Happy new years to everyone! Hope you had a great New Years eve! Hope this year brings many of exciting and happy adventures for everyone.

As you can see, the blog site has been redesigned to a simple and sleeker design. Thank you to Simon for helping me out with this! This is my first review and blog update. Hope you enjoy the new blog site.

Audrey had booked for about 9 of us to have dinner at Hippo Creek in Subiaco and catch up with Boay and her family who were visiting from Melbourne. The first Hippo Creek African Grill opened just over five years ago in Scarborough bringing a unique and exciting South African steak house dining experience to Perth. Owner and passionate chef, Gareth Simpson and partner Nadine subsequently opened their second restaurant at Hillarys Boat Harbour and now their third in Subiaco. Hippo creek is very popular with South Africans and Perth diners, winning regular patrons with their famous steaks, generous serving and exotic interior dining settings.

No expense was spared on their Subiaco fit-out which took over the old Earth Market site and the result is smart and sophisticated. A contemporary combination of natural materials have been chosen, forming an intimate and warm dining experience and allowing diners to fully appreciate the African char-grilling cooking process. This includes a temperature-controlled, dry-aged cooled room filled with hanging saddles of beef in full view of meat loves and a private dining room with floor to ceiling wine display.

We all decided on mains, missing out on entrees as we knew the servings were generous. John and I both ordered the Ningaloo beef sirloin, denuded 300g where the steaks are dry aged at their premise in our custom built dry age cool room for maximum flavor. When the steaks are served, you have a choice of different premium steak knives which was pretty cool. The steaks were perfectly cooked to medium rare, just as how we ordered. As the steaks were dry aged in a cool room, they didn’t have blood oozing out when you sliced into them. You could also see the marbling through the meat, so tender and melted in your mouth.  I also ordered the pepper sauce which was beautiful and creamy. Alls steaks come with a choice of baked potato, sadza, two root mash or fries. My baked potato was perfectly cooked on the inside and the mash that I tried from Audrey was creamy, no lumps and tasty.

Some ordered the Assegai which were 350g Angus rump marinated and served on a skewer hanging over a bowl of fries with a choice of either garlic or peri-peri butter. The butter would ooze down the meat hanging from the skewer into a bowl of fries. It’s probably not good for your waist line but extremely delicious.

Boay and Ben ordered the pork ribs and it was massive! There was probably a slab of ribs on a mountain of fries. The pork was tender, well marinated and falling off the bone.

We also ordered a Greek salad to go with our mains which was delicious. Freshly made with yummy chargrilled feta cheese and perfectly balanced dressing.

The service was fantastic, the meals were served promptly and we had a wonderful time. The cost per person was $50 which included the meals along with some beers that the boys had which I thought was rather reasonable.

On the whole, 8 ½ for the food quality, 8 ½ for the atmosphere, 8 ½ for service and 8 ½ for pricing.

Hippo Creek Subiaco

Unit 14, 375 Hay Street


Open Lunch Tuesday – Friday 12pm to 3pm

Open Dinner 7 nights 6pm – 9pm


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    New site looks much better Mayday! :)

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