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U2 The Claw


So to end our anniversary weekend, we went to U2 concert which was awesome! The U2 360° Tour is an ongoing worldwide concert tour by rock band U2. Launched in support of the group’s 2009 album No Line on the Horizon, the U2 360° Tour is named after the 360-degree staging and audience configuration it uses for shows, which U2 claims is “the first time a band has toured in stadiums with such a unique and original structure.” To accommodate this, the stage set makes use of a massive four-legged supporting rig that has been nicknamed “The Claw” and has set a world record for the largest concert stage structure. Bono is such a great singer, entertainer and is also a huge advocate for human rights and Aung San Suu Kyi, who he dedicated a song too. I was very impressed.

As we didn’t have much of a dinner, we decided to have some supper after the concert. What better place to have supper was Billy Lees in Northbridge. Billy Lees brings back lots of memories from when we used to go after many of nights out with friends drinking and in university days after late night study sessions. It has been years since we last went there and the place doesn’t look like it has changed much except for the management.

Open daily from 5pm till 4am in the morning, Billy Lees and the surrounding restaurants are frequent by loads of students, families and patrons who are feeling hungry after a night out drinking. Billy Lees has indoor dining with multiple levels of dining and also outdoor dining too. We scored a table outside and was quick to order a couple of dishes which were prawn toast, spare ribs with honey pepper sauce and chicken with salted fish fried rice.

Prawn toast are made from small triangles of bread, brushed with egg and coated with minced shrimp and water chestnuts, then cooked by baking or deep frying. It is a common appetizer in Australian and American Chinese cuisine. A common variant in the United Kingdom and Australia is sesame prawn toast. This involves sprinkling sesame seeds before the baking or deep frying process. It is pretty standard getting prawn toast from most Chinese restaurants, crunchy minced prawns on white bread deep fried till golden brown served with sweet and sour sauce.

The spare ribs was bite size pork spare ribs coated with a light batter then deep fried and tossed with a honey pepper sauce which was finger licking good. One of my favourites is the chicken with salted fish fried rice where chicken pieces is stir-fried with rice and vegetables and bits of salted fish through it. Delicious.

Billy Lees brings back many memories and will continue to provide for the late night patrons so if you’re hungry in the middle of the night, you now know where to go either to Billy Lees or its surrounding restaurants. The meal cost us $50 along with a couple of drinks.

On the whole, 8 for the food quality, 7 ½  for the atmosphere, 7 ½ for service and 8 for pricing.

Billy Lees

Shop 9, 66 Roe St,


(08) 9328 4003

Open from 5pm till late

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