Phi Yen

Combination seafood noodle soup


Nursing a cold and a cough, what I love eating when I’m sick is soupy noodles. So off we went to try out Phi Yen.

This restaurant across the road from the Northbridge Hotel has been serving Perth patrons since 1994 and I never even knew it was there until Gabby told me about it. Over the years, Phi Yen’s loyal following has allowed an expansion over three shop spaces. Stepping over the threshold, it seems the pleasant decor and wide open spaces are a drawcard, away from the crowded, noisy and potentially dirty rivals.

We grabbed some seats outside as the inside of the restaurant looked rather packed. The waitperson was quick to set the table up with cutlery and also brought out some hot tea. We had a good look through the menu and decided on some noodle soup. I ordered the raw beef with beef ball rice noodle soup or Pho Bo and John ordered the combination noodle soup or Hu Tieu. I requested for extra chili and they definitely gave us lots of chilies.

The noodles were served to us rather quickly. My beef noodle soup was tasty and not too oily with loads of raw slices of good quality beef. And they didn’t load the dish up with too much rice noodles, the ratio between the beef and noodles were just right. I slurped mine up quickly being sick and hungry as well. John’s combination seafood noodles was great too, clear soup with bits of everything like prawns, pork, squid and chicken liver. The soup was tasty and there were pieces of small dried prawns used in the broth which gave the broth its sweetness. The meal cost us about $25 which was rather reasonable.  I have been back a couple of times after with my mum and the noodle soup has been consistent. So for fast service, good food and relatively cheap prices, give Phi Yen a go.

On the whole, 7 ½ for the food quality, 7 for the atmosphere, 7 ½ for service and 7 ½ for pricing.

Phi Yen

205 Brisbane Street

Northbridge WA 6003

Open 7 Days

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