Johnson Street Spanish Festival & Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Lunch


Slightly hungover from a night of partying, we were actually told by a friend that there was a Spanish festival on in Johnson Street, Brunswick. We decided to drag ourselves there and possibly get some yummy food too.

Good thing, we got to Johnson Street early around 11ish as we left, it got really busy. The whole of Johnson Street was closed and there were plenty of stalls with food around. There was Latin music going around in the background and had an awesome atmosphere.

There were paellas being cooked in massive pans, chorizos being BBQed and you can buy them as a hot dog with cheese and onions. I was told by Sally to try one so I did and it was yum. Meats being BBQed on skewers and Gabby bought some nachos which I thought were alright. The paellas were a little mushy as it is meant to be on the crunchy side but had great flavours to it. We also tried the BBQ meat which were a little on the tough side and a little bland.

I did try a different sort of ice cream which I thought was pretty cool. It’s called Dippin’ Dots Ice cream. It’s ice cream frozen into flavourable dots! The ice cream is flash frozen using a special patented process. This super cold freezing allows our product to maintain their individual ’dot’ form. The storage and shipping standard of -40°C and a serving temperature of -25°C means the ’dots’ could retain their shape for more than ten minutes, even on a warm day. With over 20 flavours, different varieties of ’dots’ could also be mixed together to create new and exciting flavours. I thought it really interesting and different. I tried the caramel brownie sundae which was delicious and the texture of the dots in your mouth is fascinating.

After the walk around at the festival and a bit of shopping on Brunswick Street, we headed to Little Creatures to meet Ben, Boay and their kids Aidan and Amelia for a little nibble. We ordered the chorizo, sweet corn & feta pizza which was delicious and loving corn on pizza. We also ordered some grilled chorizo, sweet potato & dukkah dip and grilled flatbread, marinated lamb cutlel with bbq sauce and sticky pork ribs with corn & tomato salsa. The sticky pork ribs were great, tender and had a sweet sticky marinate, perfect with the corn and tomato salsa. The atmosphere at Little Creatures in Brunswick was rather different from the one in Fremantle.  It wasn’t as busy as the Fremantle one and it was a Sunday when we were there. They have kept the standards the same for the food, although they had beers on the menu which they didn’t even have after they boys have ordered it. Then they ordered another type of beer and they ran out but they did give the next beer for free! It was great to see Ben, Boay and the kids as it has been awhile since we caught up. The kids have grown heaps bigger and can’t wait for them to head over to Perth for Christmas.

On the whole, 7½ for the food quality, 7 for the atmosphere and 7 for service

Little Creatures Brewery

222 Brunswick St

Fitzroy VIC

(03) 94175500

Open Monday to Friday 10am – 12am, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 12am

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